January May
Finland, Bolivia, India and Uganda Evaluation of the Finnish NGO partnership scheme
October 2007 April 2008
Kenya, Nepal, Nicaragua, Finland
Evaluation of the Local Cooperation Funds: Role in Institution Building of Civil Society Organisations
January April
Lao PDR, Cambodia, Thailand, Philippines
Identification and Planning Mission on Cooperation with the Regional Institutions in the Mekong Area and Thematic Cooperation in Lao PDR and Cambodia
March September
Evaluation of the Cross-Cutting Issues of Finnish Development Policy
May December
Indonesia, Uganda, Finland
Evaluation of NGO Foundations

June September

Evaluation of the Completion of the Piloting Phase (2006-2007) and Appraisal of the Draft Project Document for the Second Phase of the SEAM-N
October November
Lebanon, Syria
Appraisal of the UNDP funding proposal for the programme of catalytic support to implement the cooperation to combat desertification in West Asia and North Africa Phase IV