November 2002
Review of the relevance and feasibility of the proposed National Forest Programme Implementation Support Project (NFP-ISP). Desk-study for the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland.
November – December 2002
Formulation Mission for the Finnish Support to the Guatemalan Multicultural Bilingüal Education sector, for the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland.
November 2002- November 2005
Outsourcing of Forest Sector Policy Advice for the Unit for Sectoral Policy at Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland´s Department for Development Cooperation. The three-year assignment covers follow-up of four programmes and projects:

- Peru: Forestry Component of Alternative Development Programme (DEVIDA)
- Central America: Central American Forestry Programme ((PROCAFOR) o Malawi: Sustainable Forest Management Programme
-Tanzania, Malawi and Zambia: Support to Forestry College Curriculum Revision.
October – December 2002
Project Design Training Workshops for KEPA (Service Centre for Development Cooperation).
September – October 2002
Mid-term Review of the Project for Sustainable Forest Resource Management in Zambezia and Inhambane, for the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland.
June – August 2002
Financial and technical evaluation of 28 NGO applications received by European Commission under the Programme on Environment in Developing Countries and under the Programme on Tropical and other Forests in Developing Countries.
Lao People´s Democratic Republic
July-August 2002
Participation in the Pre-appraisal of the Sustainable Forest Management and Rural Development Project for the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland and the World Bank.
April-May 2002
Mid-Term Review of the Provincial Forestry Action Plan Programme for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland (Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland).